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weekend envy – and the beginning of a love story…?

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I am not sure if I should feel very lucky or really upset at the moment. In January, my husband will be moving to Copenhagen for work while I stay in London with the children. We have settled here in London over the last decade, this is where we feel at home, and the mere thought of moving away is just not bearable for me at the moment. Hence, I will let the husband go and see what […]

milan retrospective: villa necchi campiglio

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There is one more thing about Milan I need to write about: Villa Necchi Campiglio. We visited this beautiful residence of the middle-class industrialists Gigina Necchi, her husband Angelo Campiglio, and her sister Nedda on our first day. The villa was built between 1932 and 1935 by the Milanese architect Piero Portaluppi, and is a real treasure of Rationalism and Art deco style hidden behind high walls right in the centre of Milan.

a gem in the city: furniture workshop “unto this last”

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I had the unexpected pleasure this weekend to have a few hours to myself strolling around Shoreditch. I haven’t been to that area of the city for a long time and it was wonderful being back and rediscovering all those quiet streets hidden behind the main roads, the quaint independent stores, designer workshops and galleries and small delightful cafés and delis. It was refreshing and inspiring to not come across a single high strew chain for a couple of hours. In Brick […]

designer: alvar aalto

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The view from our hotel in the German mountains this morning revealed a clear blue sky and crisp snow glittering in the sun. “Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form” came to my mind, before getting our daughter ready for her first ever ski lesson. Gliding down the slopes in this beautiful gift of nature seemed the perfect way to spend the day – unfortunately neither for me nor the little man who has come down with a tummy […]