darkroom /ˈdɑːkruːm/ noun
a room for developing photographs,
in which normal light is excluded.

bright /brʌɪt/ adjective
giving out or reflecting much light; shining.


Hello there — and thanks for visiting my blog

I am Monika, a communications and brand consultant, uni lecturer on storytelling and campaigning and ex-interior-design-student. After 14 years of living abroad (two of which in The Netherlands and 12 in London), I now call Germany my home.

Thinking about a passion besides communications, it has to be interior design. I could spend hours flicking through design magazines and scanning the internet for inspiration and ideas, either to use and make our house a home or just to admire, enjoy and reflect upon. A few years ago, I decided to create a virtual space to collect my thoughts and impressions — and voilà, darkroom bright was born.

This blog is about all things that inspire me, on both a personal and professional level: architecture, interiors, colours, designers, products, fashion, nature… Inspiration can be found in so many things, no matter how small or insignificant they might appear at first glance. We just have to embrace those quiet encounters of beauty in our lives to appreciate the impact they have on us.

You wonder why I named my site darkroom bright?

I really do like the contrast of things, and how opposites can complement each other and, thus, become more powerful than on their own. Also, the name darkroom bright ultimately encapsulates two much-cherished colours of mine, for interiors and fashion alike: black and white.

Please feel free to comment, or contact me via contact(at)darkroombright.com if you have questions or projects to discuss. You can also find me on twitter.

Now, go on, and enjoy darkroom bright — and, hopefully, you will find some inspiration in it, too.


PS. You are welcome to share my thoughts and pictures but, please, always refer back to darkroom bright. Thank you.

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