darkroom /ˈdɑːkruːm/ noun
a room for developing photographs, in which normal light is excluded.

bright /brʌɪt/ adjective
giving out or reflecting much light; shining.

I am Monica, a freelance communications consultant working in human rights, a uni lecturer on storytelling and campaigning – and an interior design lover! I lived in London/UK for the last 12 years and just recently moved to Germany where I live with my two amazing children, 12 and 7 years old.

Interior design has always been my passion. I could spend hours and hours flicking through design magazines and scanning the internet for inspiration and ideas, to use for my work or just to admire and enjoy. I was in need of a virtual space to collect and expand my thoughts and impressions – and there, darkroom bright was born!

This blog is about all things that inspire my work, studies and life in general – architecture, interiors, colours, designers, products, fashion, nature … it is all out there, we just have to find and appreciate it to make it work for us. With darkroom bright, I can source, evaluate, utilise and file those inspirations – for both my own use (and delight!) and hopefully that of others.

This blog has been named darkroom bright for two reasons: Firstly, I like the contrast of things but also how opposites can complement each other and thus make each other more powerful than being on their own. I like to see and experience things for what they are, but I equally enjoy exploring their potential when looked at from a different perspective. The name darkroom bright also ultimately encapsulates three of my favourite colours for interiors: black and white, and not to forget grey when mixed together.

Please feel free to comment, or contact me via contact(at)darkroombright.com if you have questions or projects to discuss. You can also find me on twitter.

You are welcome to share my thoughts and pictures but please refer back to darkroom bright. Thank you for your cooperation.

I hope you enjoy darkroom bright and find it useful as your own little black book of inspiration.

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