go west: trances country market, malibu

I can’t remember ever being excited about the prospect of visiting a shopping mall, no matter how large or small it might have been. Looking forward to a shopping spree, yes, being interested in a mall’s architecture, possibly, but that’s about it. These days, when giving a choice, I try to avoid busy places with too many people, too much noise, too much of everything. I have secretly discovered the joy of quiet, space and reflection (even if my husband doesn’t buy into it…yet…).

What might have changed this time is the location of this cute little strip of shops and cafes, Trancas Country Market. Malibu is a pretty nice place to start with, the weather might help, the view from the parking lot is pretty impressive as it involves nothing less than the Pacific Ocean – and the fact that I will actually be able to be there in August this year, makes me seriously happy (OMG!!!). We just booked a three-week road tour holiday in California for the summer! I can’t – can’t – can’t wait to go!!!

I really like the pared-down architecture of this market which has been designed by Burdge and Associates Architects. It triggers associations of local, rustic and fresh, and trust me, I will find out if this is the case. It is located right on the Pacific Coast Highway and we will for sure stop for coffee and treats on our way from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara.

trancas-country-market3.jpgTrancas Country Market2Trancas Country Market 1trancas-country-market4.jpg

Trancas Country Market5
source: all photos budge and associates architects


trancas country market
30745 pacific coast highway
malibu, CA 90265

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  1. Daniela says:

    3 weeks through California in summertime – you lucky girl!! This place looks really very special. love, d

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