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I am currently spending a few days in my all-time favourite German city, Berlin. I studied here in the 90s and have, since then, visited once a year…until we had children, and from then on I deeply neglected this love of mine on the river Spree. I was here last summer, with our then eight year old daughter, but that was of course a bit of a different experience. In no way less nice by any measure, just different. Well, I am back now, just the husband and myself, and it is nice to just stroll and absorb the city’s sights, and sounds and smells and lights. No travel guide in sight, we don’t need it and don’t want it this time.

Today we passed a fantastic interiors shop in the district of Mitte, Flagstone. I discovered it last summer and couldn’t resist but getting one of their quirky black ravens which now sits proudly next to our freestanding bath tub (I will post a picture when back in London). If you happen to be in Berlin and are in need for some inspiration for a new kitchen or bathroom – or just looking for some beautiful decorative “Zeugs” (stuff), as they call it – go and visit. Now, I am dreaming of a black kitchen…

IMG_5294 IMG_5295 IMG_5296 IMG_5297 IMG_5298 IMG_5300


oranienburger strasse 21
10178 berlin, germany
+49  30  2758 1554


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