weekend envy: flos 265 wall lamp

There is one wall lamp that I have been thinking about for quite some time – actually from the moment on when we bought our current house a few years ago: The Flos 265 wall lamp, designed by Paolo Rizzatto in 1973 which provides directional light by moving an adjustable arm. The lamp comes in three colours: black (my favourite by far and personally, I think it is the go-to colour in this case), white and grey.

I have no idea why 265 didn’t make it into our home when we renovated it three years ago. There was so much to think about at the time and our heads were spinning from all those decisions we had to made. It kind of got forgotten…or pushed back…Well, after my very creative weekend in Milan (during which we read and heard and said the word “Flos” quite a lot) my head has finally freed up some space – and 265 is back with a vengeance! I really would like to see it in our space.

Just assuming that I can convince the Husband, there are two places the lamp would just fit perfectly into: kitchen and sitting room. They are both in the heart of our home, the open-space family room-cum-kitchen-cum-dining room. So wherever we decide to put it, we would see it all the time – and that is exactly what I want!

We obviously don’t have a wall outlet for it, and I won’t even contemplate getting the electrician in to provide one….no more tradesmen please as long as I live in this house. But to be honest, I actually prefer the casual look when the cable is visible and simply plugged in. And note to myself (and the Husband): With current sales at various places there is really no reason not to get it.


source: decor dots
source: decor dots

source: homestede
source: homestede
source: facing north with gracia
source: facing north with gracia
source: dm lights
source: dm lights


technical information:
dimensions: l 205 cm (max) x d 85 cm
cable length: 203 cm
adjustable arm and reflector in painted steel .
chrome-plated brass reflector support.
cast iron tapered counterweight .
painted steel wall fixture .
light source: 1 x MAX 75W E27 IAA/W
finish: black . white . grey

nest . £482.80
skandium . £483.65

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  1. Ava Thomas says:

    Agreed, amazing light choice for an amazing home – look forward to seeing it installed shortly!

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