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I am currently in Milan with our daughter for a (we think) well-deserved girls-only weekend. We started this tradition two years ago with Paris, then Berlin last year and now it is the Italian capital of fashion and design. I couldn’t make the Salone del Mobile 2015, which I regret, but Milan remained on my radar since then so I just had to visit it before the year comes to an end. And here we are. Lucky me, it is not difficult to combine making our 9 year old happy on a city trip like this, as well as satisfying my own needs. Our daughter is quite laid back and very interested in most of the things I throw at her – as long as there is the occasional stop at an ice cream parlour or pizzeria.

Today we headed to the Expo Milano 2015. The world exposition’s theme is “Feeding the planet, energy for life”. If you haven’t been, it is definitely worth a visit. (But hurry up, the doors close on 31 October!) The only downside: the queues are borderline frightening. We arrived at the Rosario entrance at 8am and waited patiently for the doors to open at 9am. The official opening time of the pavilions is 10am so we headed straight to the German pavilion – just to queue a bit more. But we were lucky enough to get inside with the first group and it was well worth it. “Germany reveals itself at the Expo Milano 2015 as “Fields of Ideas” under the motto “Be active”, as a vibrant, fertile “landscape” filled with ideas. The world exposition’s theme is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

The German pavilion clearly orients itself to this leitmotif – vividly illustrating just how important dealing respectfully with nature is to future human nutrition. The pavilion concept is characterised by close interaction between spatial and content presentation. The “Fields of Ideas” are reflected in the architecture – evoking Germany’s distinctive field and meadow landscapes – in the form of a gently rising landscape level. One of the pavilion’s key design elements are stylised plants that grow as “Idea Seedlings” from the exhibition level to the surface, where they unfold into a large canopy of leaves. They connect indoor and outdoor spaces, exhibition and architecture.” (Source: Expo Milano 2015)

We then went on to visit a few smaller pavilions, as clearly there was no way I could motivate my daughter to queue for several hours just to visit another one of the big pavilions. And who could blame her…We still had an wonderful time. There was some amazing architecture to be seen with an inspiring choice of material. But the best part of the exhibition is of course to see and learn how nations present “the best of their technology that offers a concrete answer to a vital need: being able to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone, while respecting the planet and its equilibrium.” (source: Expo Milano 2015) It was an educational day for both, my daughter and myself.


source: (c) deutscher pavillon expo
source: (c) deutscher pavillon expo

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(All pictures by me, unless otherwise stated)

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  1. Ava Thomas says:

    Thank you for sharing with us, might I add your photographs are stunning – perhaps photography should be another field to pursue……~A xx

  2. Thank you so much! I am pleased to hear that you like the photographs.

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