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I think the time has come to think about replacing our dining chairs. We bought them almost 8 years ago when moving to SW London – a purchase decision almost entirely made by the left side of our brains: The chairs were practical, sensible and reasonably priced. So Palocco from Habitat it was, with white plastic shell seats and chromed steel ski legs. Even if their look didn’t get me excited, I liked the chairs’ minimalistic design and they served us well over the years – despite admittedly not being very comfortable. An upgrade with grey Hey sign felt seating pads made this flaw disappear in an instant.

A few things though have made me think that it is soon time to part: Firstly, with increasing frequency one of us gets his/her toes caught in the steel legs which is VERY painful. And whenever one of the children is the victim of this, it results in serious outbursts of “Mummy, pleeeeease, can we get rid of those chairs?!?” Secondly, there is the “puppy effect”. We had to remove the cow hide underneath the dining table because our dog can’t stand it and violently rips it into pieces at every given opportunity. Now the steel legs scratch our hardwood floor because, due to their design, no leg pad lasts longer than a few days. Very frustrating indeed. And finally, there is of course my desire to get “the perfect chair” which does get me excited and makes my heart beat faster when I look at it.

In an earlier post I have already mentioned my long-lasting love for Wegner’s Wishbone Chair. Sadly, there is no way I can convince my husband to spend a small fortune on something he doesn’t want to sit in for longer than an espresso. Shame – even if this makes total sense, which I would of course never admit… So, on a mission I went to find a chair that ticks both boxes, comfort and beauty – and luckily enough, there isn’t a shortage of them. All of them are design classics, and to be honest, I wouldn’t want (meaning allow) anything else in our house anyways… So here is my ultimate shortlist of dining room beauties:

We already own a white Eames Plastic Armchair DAW with black maple base and use it as a desk chair in our study. It is a true design classic and apart from its undeniable beauty, you will know why it has been around for so long when sitting down: It is surprisingly comfortable, and the plastic shell is very tactile and pleasant to the touch.

source: woont
source: woont

I love Danish furniture from the 1960s and these vintage chairs are no exception. I would buy those without even thinking twice – and while at it, I would bag the Saarinen tulip table, too. It has been on my “dream furniture shopping list” for ages and the good thing about it: My husband likes it as much as I do. Result.

source: apartment therapy
source: apartment therapy

Speaking about Saarinen: This Beverly Hills home has it all, executive armless chairs and oval table (although I think I prefer the model with armrest). I am currently suffering from serious Thursday evening envy…. And just look at the banquette!! How stunning is this fabric!?

source: luxe source
source: luxe source

Starck’s Ghost chair is not really one I can see in our house but I do like the look of it whenever it catches my eye, especially in combination with vintage pieces. Not sure it ticks the “comfort” box though to be honest…

source: lauren nelson
source: lauren nelson

The Tulip Chair by Saarinen is another design classic which is such a pleasure to the eye. I love the contrast of the minimalist chairs with the vintage farmhouse table and the stunning stucco ceiling in this Paris apartment. Georg Nelson’s Bubble Saucer Lamp beautifully compliments the ensemble.

source: astonishing secrets

Not an easy decision to be made, but it will be made…and soon…I will keep you posted.

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    1. Which chairs would you like to have more information on? Happy to assist.

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