three colours blue

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Initially, I wasn’t thinking of one of my favourite French movies when deciding on the subject line for today’s post – although I must admit, I have always found the title quite intriguing and the story line deeply moving. Today though, the colour blue planted itself in my head at 3 in the morning when I struggled to sleep…a lack of ability to breathe aka a stubborn sinus infection that forced me to sit in bed if I wanted to give my body the slightest chance of finding sleep – a position that just doesn’t work for me. So, it is now almost 5 am and I have given up. Instead, I have decided to turn my brain activity into something useful by starting to write this week’s post – feeling a bit blue as this cold has turned out to be rather persistent which is so very annoying as I had some nice plans for this week (e.g. Design Week) which I will not be able to pursue in my current state. Long story short: Voilà, the explanation for today’s colour association!

Speaking of blue: Looking back at last year’s fashion shows for Spring 2015, not only was Denim (again!) spotted as a new trend, but many designers had “something blue” included in their collections: navy, midnight blue, ice blue, royal blue, turquoise – every shade possible. There is something very smart, mystical and “done” about wearing blue, and for me, it doesn’t really matter what shade, they all appeal to me for their own distinct allure. Having said that, I don’t own a lot of blue pieces. Not sure why, as every single one I do own is actually a favourite. Less is more, so this might just be the explanation why blue is still quite special to me.


source: jason wu. monique lhuillier . reed krakoff


source: diane von furstenberg . alberta ferretti . honor


source: busardi . oscar de la renta

I get very excited when fashion influences interiors and vice versa. Blue is not an obvious choice for most people to use on walls, but it has – like in fashion – something very mystical about it. It is a striking colour, it can easily transform a space. I wouldn’t say though that blue is my “go-to colour” when designing a space, although I do love a touch of it here and there, for example in cushions, rugs art work, and of course accessories. I am a fan of the combination of blues with grey and wood, it can be so soothing. A perfect example adorns the cover of the current issue of Living etc (one of my favourite design magazines, by the way): serene, cool, stylish – looks pretty perfect to me.

source:  living etc.

source: living etc.

Another winner for me is blue with green for a bold but incredible harmonious partnership. I would prefer dark, sumptuous tones for both colours though, otherwise it looks too fresh and “spring like” – but this is my personal taste.

I also like the contrast when adding warm mustard tones to the scene.

The colour blue is associated with stability and trust, it symbolizes loyalty, confidence and intelligence. It is often seen as a masculine colour, and the darker the blue the more powerful the associations are. Lighter blues can be considered beneficial to body and mind, as they slow down the human metabolism and create calmness and serenity.

I hope you enjoy today’s little trip into the blue. Have a lovely Wednesday!


source: nallau

source: nallau


farrow and ball / drawing room blue (253), hague blue (30)
little greene / carnival, fray

osborne and little / matthew williamson peacock (w6541-01)

floor tiles:
fired earth / trellis floor lattice

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