contemporary chinese art

Goodbye horse and hello “Yang”! Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and welcome to the year of the goat (or sheep or ram, the English translation is slightly unclear).

People born in the year of the goat are generally seen as polite, clever, kindhearted and wise – unfortunately I am not one of them…according to the Chinese zodiac I am born under the sign of the rat, which is slightly irritating considering what we had to go through recently…However, “rats” are viewed as smart, thoughtful, sensible, and curious – I can happily live with those attributes (ignoring the weaknesses of the rat sign…).

I love the Lunar New Year Celebrations in London – the biggest in the world outside China – when the Chinese community turns Trafalgar Square, West End and of course Chinatown into a colourful stage for lions and dragons, and the streets are filled with parades and dancers – and not to forget the delicious smell of Chinese culinary specialities. If you want to join in this Sunday, see Timeout for more details.

My wonderful and wise mother-in-law once told me that everyone should have at least one Asian piece in their home because it will provide good luck. Our “one piece” is a bronze Buddha I bought in The Netherlands on the day when we moved to London, and he has always been of great value to me. What is missing in our home though, is a painting by a Chinese artist. What do you think of the following? Aren’t they all just amazing? I adore them for their expressiveness and depth. I can’t possibly decide which one I like best. Can you?

Wo sind die Kaulquappen (“Where are the tadpoles”) – Haiying Xu

source: haiying xu

Flower age no. 2 – Zhong Biao

source: chinese print making
source: chinese print making

Grandma’s sky – Zhong Biao

source: faye wangs art journal
source: faye wangs art journal

See Hear Speak No – Gavin Mitchell

Mitchell’s exhibition “Abstract Notions” can be visited at the Northcote Gallery in London until 28 February. I saw his work in this gallery a couple of years ago – it is remarkable.

source: gavin mitchell
source: gavin mitchell

Eastern Beauties – Jo Chanchai

source: artnet
source: artnet

Do you have some Chinese/Asian art in your home?

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