cushions, and a touch of spring (kind of)

As much as I like a bargain every now and then, I am really not into the sales. They bore me after two days, then start getting quite irritating, before they finally hit the peak of annoyance on day 7. Each day beyond that exceeds my level of tolerance by a mile. At that point, all I want is for any red sales signs and discount temptations to disappear, including all those temporary mobile clothes rails squeezed into every last corner of the shops. Whose idea was it anyways to have sales being dragged out for weeks and weeks and…? Finally yesterday, after what felt like months of agony, when heading to the toy section of our local department store with the little man in tow, I couldn’t but notice that things might have gone back to normal and that it might be worth coming out of my state of retail hibernation.

The end of the sales in February is for me also a sign that spring might not be quite as far off as I feared only last week (when admittedly, I was in a grumpy mood but still…). And as if to prove just that: The sun was shining from a clear blue sky all day today, nothing more to ask for really.

This sudden outburst of all things bright and new and beautiful and positive, makes me want to change our interior. I am thinking colourful flora and fauna prints. I mentioned it before, we generally prefer a serene minimalistic look with only a hint of colour here and there. So I might just limit the injection of colour this season to adding one of these lovely cushions to our sitting room:

C’est le bouquet cushion by Christian Lacroix

source: designers guild
source: designers guild

Lundunar Kort cushion by Kristjana Williams

source: heals
source: heal’s

Green crane print linen cushion

source: liberty london
source: liberty london

Lear Gaukur cushion by Kristjana Williams

source: liberty london
source: liberty london

Romo Jessica Zoob Bliss cushion

source: john lewis
source: john lewis

Passiflora cushion by Missoni – on top of my wish list, I think…it would look lovely on our grey sofa.

20150217_spring passiflora-cushion-t50
source: dotmaison

Vevey cushion by Missoni

source: amara
source: amara

Which one is your favourite? Do you make changes to your interior with every new season?


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