monday envy: monkey by kay bojesen

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This week, my weekend envy has turned into a Monday envy. I was too busy feeling sorry for myself over the last two days after having to evacuate our house, which didn’t leave much room for longing for anything else but going back home. Today has been a new day though, the sun was shining down on London and things looked slightly different. Tonight, I have taken our children out for dinner to our favourite restaurant, Sticks’n Sushi, which is always a treat for all of us. And – without wanting to appear too selfish – I really think we deserve a treat at the moment.

One of the cutest things at Sticks’n Sushi is our children’s search for George and his cousin Roy, two wooden toy monkeys. They are being moved around the restaurant by the manager on an almost daily basis and it is always big fun to look for them while waiting for the food to arrive. (Hint: Usually, look up high!)

20150209 envy_bojesen_monkey_01

source: twentytwentyone

Kay Bojesen designed the world-famous toy classic in 1951 and it has not lost anything of its attraction since then – more the opposite. George and Roy (Bojesen has, by the way, nothing to do with those names) are made from teak and limba wood, and I think everyone should have one (or two). I will check with the Easter Bunny what his view on this is…


source: nordic new

source: nordic new

Kay Bojesen (1886-1958) with his monkey(s).

source: kids design

source: kids design


twenytwentyone . £125

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