apartment living, and other creatures…

I read it at least five times this week, in various magazines and newspapers and online: Don’t despair, spring is just around the corner! I am not sure which corner the writers of those words are referring to, must be a corner several blocks away, simply because: It is freezing in London!! The fireplace is on every night, layering clothes has reached a new dimension, my hands are cracked non-stop, and I sleep with my socks on. Spring couldn’t feel further away, no matter how much money I spend on tulips to spread around the house, or how many times I whistle “Here comes the sun”. And to top this fact off: We moved, or to be more precise we HAD to move, which has made my state of mind sink to sub-zero level. And seeing as I am in the mood for being pedantic, let’s say it as it is: We took refuge in a flat close to our home which has been infested by….rodents!! I am exaggerating, of course, and I don’t say this just because I am anxious that we will never ever have visitors or playdates again. The truth is: We have had ONE rodent which has found its final resting place underneath the floorboards between our children’s bedrooms. This is very unfortunate for the rodent but to be honest, I don’t sympathise too much with the poor creature at the moment because – without going into details – let me tell you just this: The scent of spring, it ain’t. So, apartment living it is for now until our house is habitable again for our family with two small children who had to desert their beloved bedrooms and are a bit on the grumpy side since then. And this time I am far from exaggerating…

Living in a flat downtown clearly has its advantages. I like the urban life style, always did. I briefly popped out this morning, just for a cappuccino and a newspaper, definitely not what I normally do. It made me remember the times when we lived in Germany and The Netherlands. Those were precious times I have very fond memories of. I wished sometimes that we could own an “Altbauwohnung”* in Berlin, a city we absolutely adore. I would snap up any of the following flats, if given the chance…would you?

source: peter fehrentz
source: peter fehrentz

I am officially in heaven: The following flats are all up for rent! So, on your next trip to Germany’s capital, you might want to consider one of those beauties instead of a boring hotel room. No doubt, I will.




source: all images suite 030
source: all images suite 030

How do you live? Flat, house, cottage, converted barn…? If you could choose and live anywhere you like, where would that be?

* which means nothing else than a flat in a pre-WWII building




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