weekend envy: victoria beckham’s london flagship store

A new year, a new envy…

Last week my husband and I had the fortune to spend the last but one day of the year in Central London while the kids were at nursery and with a sitter respectively. What a rare and absolute bliss to do nothing but leisurely and aimlessly strolling through our city, having a lazy lunch and browsing the shops. However, there was one thing on my “to do”-list for the day: visiting Victoria Beckham’s new flagship store in Dover Street.

The substantial concrete door that silently slides open to reveal 6,000 square feet of design heaven feels a bit like “open sesame” – including my kind of treasure lying behind:

minimalistic design – tick
polished concrete floors including a 4 metre wide flight of stairs – tick
lots of glass and white wall space – tick
wooden benches (American walnut), being more sculpture than furniture – tick
mirrored and concrete lattice ceilings  – tick
wafer thin shelving retracting into the walls and displaying lots and lots of beautiful bags – tick (and sigh!)

…and not to forget: dresses to die for – sigh, again.

London architect Farshid Moussavi is the creative head behind 36 Dover Street. But as soon as you set foot into the space it becomes apparent that Victoria Beckham herself must have contributed significantly to its design. Every corner of it just oozes VB. Here, the designer, her creations and the interior have successfully merged into one beautiful fashion temple. Retail branding at its best. But then, what would you expect from the self-confessed “perfectionist” who has also just recently been named Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards 2014?

And even though I avoided the temptation to purchase one of the beautiful items on display, I left with a big smile on my face (so did my husband, but probably for a completely different reason…).

150104_shop design_Victoria-Beckham_London_metalocus_10_1280.jpg

150104 shop design_La-nueva-y-primera-tienda-de-V_54415399658_54028874188_960_639

150104 shop design_Victoria-Beckham_London_metalocus_13_1280.jpg
source: all images © victoria beckham
150104 shop design_20141205_125234_1 source neverordinary.blog.hu
source: never ordinary

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