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For me, a dining bench is the epitome of a casual piece of furniture, perfect for relaxed gatherings with close friends or the family, extended meals and endless discussions about anything and everything. There is one risk involved, however: Nobody will want to leave in the end, but that is in my opinion exactly the outcome one should be aiming for.

I have those fond memories when I was in my twenties: warm summer evenings at the local village fair or parties in my parents’ garden, sitting on beer benches with friends talking until the early morning. Maybe not the most comfortable seating option for anything longer than thirty minutes (eh, certainly not), but maybe that is part of its charm.

The mix of seating options – bench on one side, chairs on the other – gives any dining space a beautiful eclectic feel, no matter what the overall style. Personally that is the look I would be aiming for should we, at one point, go down the dining bench route…

141121 dining bench_white-scandinavian-kitchen-dinning-room-design-with-black-table-unique-pendant-bench
source: gallery hip


If it is the Scandi look or chalet feel you are after, then throwing a fur or hide on your bench will take you there in no time (well, kind of…).

141121 dining bench_eclectic-dining-room
source: louise de miranda
source: paul raeside . house to home
source: paul raeside . house to home

There are three things here that set off my weekend envy: the vintage bench (obviously!), the chunky grey candle holders and the white wall reliefs…sigh…at least I bought some white tulips yesterday…

source: cupcakepedia

I very much adore the simplistic design of this bench, but the quality of the craftsmanship and material turn it into a piece of art. Tom Dixon’s beat lights and Wegner’s wishbone chairs complete the look to perfection.

source: home designing
source: home designing

I love this bench (can you imagine the stories it could tell if it could speak?) – and wouldn’t say no to the dining table either…

source: home design laboratory
source: home design laboratory

Beautiful contrast of a polished buttoned banquette upholstered in black velvet, Eames’ mid-century Eiffel chairs and a gorgeous vintage dining table.

source: eenigwonen
source: eenigwonen

Minimalistic, monochrome and very serene. The choice of wall lamp is unexpected which makes this room so interesting and stylish. Wished I could have a window seat in our home. I would spend all day on it, curled up with a cup of tea…

141121 dining bench_MarkTuckeyrangeMARKTUCKEYhome-new-’Locator’-table-in-light-lime-with-white-legs-and-eggcup-stools-in-radiata-pine.-Styling-–-Louella-Tuckey-photo-Lucas-Allen.
source: interieur design

Using a basic beer bench in a dining room wouldn’t be my first thought – but it works. Eclectic style at its best!

source: eco furniture blog
source: corynne pless . eco furniture blog

What can be found around your dining table?

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