my latest purchase: ferm living wire basket

I saw this charming little wire basket from ferm living quite a while ago in a magazine – and I knew, I had to have one. At first, I wasn’t even sure where to put it (master bedroom, studio, children’s room…) and what to use it for, but that was secondary as I simply loved the design, material and look of it. So finally, I ordered one the other day (in black) and am now eagerly waiting for it to be delivered. I had a bit of time to think about its purpose in our house, and have come to a conclusion: to store cushions and a wool throw in the master bedroom. How could I have lived without it for so long?!?

20141120 Ferm living_6a011571148908970b017c31b6c7b4970b
source: simple blue print

You think a wire basket is a wire basket is a wire basket is a ….? Not quite!


20141120 ferm living basket_3092_2
source: ferm living
source: stylizimo
source: stylizimo
source: only decolove
source: only deco love
20141120 ferm-living-mountain-cushion-40x80cm
source: decoratualma
20141120 fem living fc2f909e-b43e-4b51-8b5e-dc4e03e9f58c
source: made in design
20141120 ferm living PA190891
source: finnish deco

And last but not least: Use the wire basket as a tree skirt for the cutest, loveliest, most perfectly imperfect Christmas tree this year – love it!

20141120 ferm living 65a273080e05e8fd1a92f746feb68bbb


The basket is available in a variety of colours, two sizes and with a top in either black or smoked oak veneer.

made in design . from £52


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