autumn comforters: fireplaces

For me there is nothing more comforting during the cold months then coming home to a house where you can hear a fire crackling somewhere. We have two fireplaces and use them all the time (even on chilly summer evenings…): a gas fireplace in the dining area of our family room cum kitchen and a proper wood burning fireplace in the sitting room. We had a clear idea of their look and style when we started to renovate our house: minimalistic. But I must admit there are so many beautiful designs available that it is difficult not to fall in love with every single one. And then there are of course historic fireplaces! As much as I love contemporary design but if I could choose, a treasure from the past has a good chance to come off as the winner.


I am a huge fan of fair-faced concrete walls and polished concrete floors (unfortunately I can only admire from a distance as we have neither). Love the contrast here of the wood logs piled up in a concrete niche. Together with the minimalistic interior this is ingenious!

source: james silverman for home designing
source: james silverman for home designing

Gyrofocus, designed in 1968, was the first suspended, 360° pivoting fireplace. It has since become the signature model and symbol of its manufacturer Focus and has been voted “world’s most beautiful object” at the 2009 Pulchra Design Awards. I couldn’t agree more.

141114 töölönkatu006-569x711
source: Kevin

This is where I wouldn’t mind spending the next six months…a ski chalet in Megève.

source: firefly collection
source: firefly collection

Swedish homes are often lucky enough to have a classic tiled stove, called “Kakelugnar”, mostly white and tucked in a corner of the room. These fireplaces date back to the eighteenth century and tend to be round or rectangular with a height between six and ten feet, or even more. The Kakelugnar has two small folding doors for the wood while the top of the stove forms a crown.

I absolutely adore historical features like a Kakelugnar, especially in a contemporary setting, as they add such an incredible charm to a space by just, well..their mere existence. And this apartment is the proof.

source: fresh home
source: fresh home

This fireplace makes a real statement in this stunning victorian house.

source: jj locations
source: jjlocations

One of my favorite styles – and reminiscent to our fireplace: a (black) hole in a (white) wall.

source: bassam fellows on design milk
source: bassam fellows on design milk

Note to myself: chop some firewood tomorrow…

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