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One of the first christmas decorations in our house is usually the advent calendar, much anticipated by our two children but loved by all of us. They are such a nice tradition to prepare ourselves for christmas – and definitely not only for the little ones.

141113 annaleenas hem_christmas-branch
source: annaleena’s hema

This year I will make one calendar for the children and one for us as a family. I will post some pictures once it is all set up…

There are some lovely ideas for advent calendars out there. I hope they will get you into the mood for the festive season.


141113 my scandinavian home_DIY-advent-calendar-on-black-board-wall
source: my scandinavian home
141113 Ramme Alvor_clothes-pins
source: ramme alvor
141113 the merry thought_advent-5
source: the merry thought
source: snug online
source: snug online
source: haikey photography
source: haikey
141113 http-::kjerstislykke.blogspot_easy-DIY-advent-calendar-with-paper-bags
source: kjerstis lykke
source: morning creativity
source: morning creativity
source: not on the highstreet
source: not on the high street
source: not on the high street
source: not on the high street

What does your advent calendar look like – if you have one?

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