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2014 marks the 100th anniversary of a master of mid-century furniture design: Hans Jørgensen Wegner. Born in 1914 in Tønder, Southern Denmark, he designed and built his first chair at only 15 years of age. By 2007, the year of his passing, he had designed and produced over 500 chairs, and many of them have since become icons of modern design. For Wegner, trained as a furniture maker, “a chair is to have no backside. It should be beautiful from all sides and angles” – and well, did he ever achieve this!

Hans J Wegner, Hans Wegner, Hans Jørgensen Wegner

source: smow

The chair that has arguably paved Wegner’s path to becoming a design icon is known as just that, The Chair. Designed in 1949, the Round Chair – its official name – was used in the first televised US presidential debate in 1960 between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon.

source: cbs photo archive getty images

source: cbs photo archive getty images

Another star was born one year later and it is probably Wegner’s most venerable design: the Wishbone. The stunning chair with the trademark Y-shaped back has been on my personal wish list for many years, but I can’t quite get myself (and my husband) to splash out for six of those beauties when our son is still not old enough to treat them with some respect…the time will come…

On my Christmas wish list is the book “Hans J. Wegner: Just one good chair” by Christian Holmstedt Olesen. If I can’t have my chairs (yet!) then I want to at least read about them.


source: hatje cantz


the wishbone chair (CH24)


source: carl hansen and son


photo: nina holst / source: stylizimo

the shell chair (CH07)

source: haute living

source: haute living

source: carl hansen

source: carl hansen

the wing chair (CH445)

source: gr shop

source: gr shop

the ox chair (EJ100)


source: william waldron for elle decor

Which one is your favourite Wegner chair?


the conran shop
hans j. wegner: just one good chair . amazon . £45


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