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We were lucky enough to have escaped the start of the English Autumn this week by boarding a plane to Greece instead. We have been spoiled with sunshine over the last few days but now it seems the weather here has changed as well. After a full-on thunderstorm this morning, the air is much cooler and the waves are steadily and forcefully crashing onto the beach. However, despite an impressively beautiful cloudy sky the sun has not quite capitulated yet and I am enjoying a latte on the terrace as we speak. The good life…

I must admit I have never thought much about Greek interior design. So I have done a bit of research (while enjoying the sunshine and my latte) to find some examples for contemporary Greek design that has not forgotten heritage and traditions. If your first thought is blue and white – think again!



I wouldn’t mind waking up to a view like this ever morning…


How stunning is this hotel?!? It’s the San Giorgio Hotel on the island of Mykonos. It will make it straight to my “places to see before I die”-list. The vintage milking stools are such a charming seating idea for a large family table. No worrying about dripping tomato sauce here… We have one of those stools adorning our first floor landing, bought at Two Sisters in Wimbledon.




I am a big fan of exposed walls, and in combination with white floors, walls and furniture they are even better.

paros dimitriadi delood 06

paros dimitriadi delood 03
source: vangelis rokas for deloudis

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