weekend envy: paintings by amy judd

Art is an essential element of giving an interior the soul most of us are looking for. Only few would dream of not displaying at least something in their home, be it paintings or prints, sculptures or ceramics, photographs or drawings of the children. Without some sort of art a space can often feel impersonal, incomplete, empty and bland.

I must admit, it is not the easiest of jobs for me to find the perfect piece for our own home. Most of the time I have a pretty clear idea what I want and then I set out to hunt it down. The problem is: Sometimes, what I want just simply doesn’t exist. But sometimes it does – and turns out to be even more than I could have wished for. One example: paintings by Amy Judd.

source: all images amy judd (at) the hicks gallery

I absolutely adore how Amy captures the beauty of sensitive, intimate moments between women and birds, as often found in traditional mythologies and folklores. Her compositions are calm and silent, and yet bold and powerful at the same time. The scenes pull you in and you can’t but look at them.

Amy never shows the face of the women she has painted. It is almost as if she wants to keep one last secret to herself – or maybe leave it to our own imagination. In her recent series it seems she has moved away from painting real women, instead she almost reduces them to mannequins wearing beautiful dresses. Nothing has been lost though in terms of the fascination of that one special moment.

We already own one of her paintings but I wouldn’t mind having another one, or two, or three…


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