the grass is always greener…

I am currently working on redesigning the home office of a female client. In addition to a stunning statement wallpaper (Designers Guild Mattiazzo Azur) there will be another player taking centre stage: a vibrant bright green velvet sofa (Designers Guild Cassia Grass). I must admit: Green makes me happy, sort of balanced, and I like working with it. It is actually the only accent colour I have allowed in our own home so far (not counting all the toys in the colour of the rainbow … very demanding on the eye occasionally but – thankfully! – easily stored away come bed time).

So, what is it about green that is so appealing? Beautiful-timeless-tradition-sofa

First and foremost, green is the colour of the nature and therefore symbolises life, growth, a new start, fertility. Emotionally, the colour has a correspondence with safety, stability and endurance. What is not to like about that?

Green is a powerful colour and can be quite dominant depending on the shade you are choosing for your space. Personally, I would always use green as an accent colour only. I am not a fan of going overboard with ANY colour really (other than black, grey and white, of course), but green walls and carpets and anything in between and beyond are definitely outside my comfort zone. But there are almost no limitations in terms of what colours to combine green with: It is sophisticated with grey, black, and white, or vibrant and fresh when thrown together with pinks. And when having a play with blue, you will create a calm and serene space with just the right amount of zing.

Seeing as the green velvet sofa is all I can think about at the moment, I would like to share a few examples of how to create an amazing eclectic look with just a couple of green accents in the room.


A green sofa and a parrot, together with a few touches of greenery is all it takes to add some serious life into this otherwise quite neutral sitting room. black-ceiling-black-ornate-pendents-green-sofa-living-room-elle-decor-pg-69

In this home office a mid century sofa has been given an exciting new life thanks to a flowery green Designers Guild fabric (kashgar  jade). The dark wood and the rug in neutral tones ground the vibrant colour and give it an eclectic yet stylish look – even Madame Bardot can’t help but dancing in this beautiful work space…

living etc. Living-room
source: richard powers for living etc.

Weekend envy alert in the following picture: Not only is this wing chair to die for (both, colour and form), but for years I have also wanted this portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with her eyes closed. It is by Canadian artist Chris Levine.

lving etc green chair Living-room
source: luke white for living etc.

The London Edition Hotel also knows what makes their lobby stand out…



tarva needlecord, F6420-11 (osborne and little)
tarva moleskin, F6421-19 (osborne and little)
cathay waves lizong (nina campbell for osborne and little)
varese grass F1190/04 (designers guild)
capisoli grass FDG2188/09 (designers guild)
boratti grass FDG2186/15 (designers guild)
english riding velvet steeplechase green FLFY-64739 (designers guild)

swan sofa by fritz hansen, tonus 123 (skandium)
new york sofa
, pea green felt or olive velvet (graham and greene)
the fleetwood sofa, olive pure cotton matt velvet (
stockholm sofa
, sandbacka green (ikea)
stockholm easy swivel chair, sandbacka green (ikea)

eberson grass rug (designers guild)
kashgar jade rug (designers guild)


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    Monika–The green sofa is gorgeous—Get me one—How much—The site is exceptional—

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