weekend envy: eames walnut stool

There is something about this gorgeous stool that makes my mind relax whenever I look at it. Is it the smooth finish of the walnut or the round edges? Maybe it is its form that reminds me of a chess figure, the concave surface or the beautiful veins of the solid wood? Whatever it is, I love every single aspect and angle of it.

source: hermanmiller.com

Designed in 1960 by Ray Eames for the lobby of the Time Life Building in New York, the walnut stool (so its official name) has since become a design classic. It is available in different styles (simply called A, B, and C, and new: model D in black lacquered ash), one more beautiful than the other, and honestly, I would not be able to choose one (and reject the others!) if I had to.

Rumour has it a museum curator once ordered two of these stools for his children. “Graduation gifts?”, he was asked. “No,” he said, “the kids are only five and three. But I want them to have the experience of growing up with something truly good that they can keep all their lives.” (hermanmiller.com) – Oh, I hear you!

I couldn’t say I have chosen a place for the stool already in our house, there are so many it would fit right in. But the library cum piano room might be the one, and it could join our Eames Lounge Chair in there…



In this setting, the two different walnut stools beautifully compliment the Eames Lounge Chair in black leather finish. I love the industrial look of the dark framed windows opening out to a natural garden with eucalyptus trees.

source: anipieska.blogspot.co.uk


source: upinteriors.com


In this apartment the stool sits proudly next to a Saarinen side table with marble top. The walnut is used as an accent colour and can be found in the cow hides, a vase, a basket filled with cosy blankets and a custom made corner book shelf. The green swivel arm chairs provide a fresh accent.

source: decosit.com


heal’s – £911
skandium –  £971

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