weekend envy: pia wallen crux blanket

Every weekend I will try to post about things that…I JUST WANT!! I call it the weekend envy. It’s this sort of longing for a piece of furniture or an accessory that you can either quieten with a huge bar of chocolate or you just give in and get it come Monday (or straight away if online shopping is an option) … or you blog about it, which is definitely easier on the wallet and nicer to the hips. This week it is the …


source: piawallen.se

“The original Crux Blanket was first introduced in 1991, and was inspired by the values that a cross represents. In Swedish folk art tradition, the cross is a strong symbol for hope. The Crux Blanket is produced by a small Swedish mill using only the finest quality wool. The yarn and felt are produced using traditional Scandinavian weaving and felting techniques.” (piawallen.se)

The crux blanket is made of wool. Size: 140 x 210 cm. The colour I am after is black/off-white (limited edition) but it is also available in nature/off-white. The blanket also comes in a less expensive version, made of organic cotton, called the cross blanket. There are two sizes to choose from: mini 80 x 125 cm and large 160 x 240 cm, and three colour ways: black/white, grey/white and orange/white. Sigh. I – really – want – this – blanket.


I might have to add this chair to my list of “weekend envy”… (The wooden monkey, designed by Kay Bojensen in 1951 and still a favorite accessory in so many homes, is already on the list.)

source: trendnet.is
source: storynorth.com
source: kenzipoo.com
source: storynorth.com


pia wallen  – crux blanket EUR 1,045  . cross blanket mini EUR 72, large EUR 187
story north – cross blanket  160 x 240 cm, GBP 165

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