a touch of grey

What better way to honour one of my favourite colours than allowing it to launch darkroom bright? I have always loved grey, for decades and for literally everything. Grey has recently been named the “colour of the century”, and indeed: Grey is everywhere!

source: nicety.livejournal.com

Grey has sneaked quietly but forcefully into interiors, beauty (remember the hype (including waiting list) to get your hands on Chanel’s shade no 505 aka Particuliere?), fashion, books…you name it, grey is there, grey delights, grey soothes, grey excites.

And grey is not even really a colour, it is actually “just” a shade. Everyone knows we create grey by mixing black and white. White is a combination of all colours of the visible colour spectrum while black is the absence of colour leaving grey a lighter shade of black.

Grey is not just grey though, it comes in all forms and shapes, meaning hues: warm and cold greys, slate and anthracite, silvery greys or stone grey and ash grey. For me grey is much more than just a shade. It is worth being called a proper colour as it is so versatile and, personally, I think it is simply stunning. In interiors, it is warmer, cosier than white which on its own might leave a space cold, soulless and disconnected. On the other side black can be quite edgy and even harsh and only the bravest would use it vastly in an interior. But give it some grey and it turns into a sophisticated partner, still with an edge but much more palatable.

The beauty – literally – of grey is that it works so well with almost every other colour. Add white and you create this stylish look that the Scandinavians have mastered so well. Whenever I see a Scandi look interior I just want to copy it 1:1. It is such an effortless look that just wants me to move straight in, curl up on the sofa with a book, chill-out music in the background and wear a flower wreath in my hair for the rest of the day. A simple, refreshing, relaxing and, yet, oh so stylish interior bliss.

Combine grey with black and you get this sensuous, dramatic look that pulls you in and wraps you up like a cocoon. Add splashes of vibrant colours like pink or yellow, blue or green or softer hues like taupe, rose or duck egg. Grey tones down strong colours and always creates a proper level of sophistication. If you don’t want to go full-out grey in your interior, then simply add some accessories and let the colour grow on you slowly. It will, be assured.


Soft grey walls and a rather minimalistic interior turn this living space into a haven of tranquility. White accessories and woodwork lift the look and keep the setting from being to flat. Look at that chandelier in the background – devine!

source: homedit.com

This is the Scandinavian look I was referring to: calm, inviting, bright. I like the idea of sticking a simple black/white print to the walls with black washi tape – ingenious and well suited for this effortless style.

source: cecilia eliassen

Accents of vibrant pinks and purples turn this contemporary grey sitting room in a glamorous space.

source: homedecorinterioridea.com
source: abigail ahern atelier

The darker side of things – and a slice of tree: wooden wall panelling, floors, Eames eiffel chairs, Tom Dixon Beat lights, kitchen cabinets…An unusual dining table wrapped around a white marble island turns this stylish setting into a stunning space for cooking, dining and entertaining.

source: dwell

Sleek anthracite kitchen by Italian kitchen brand Boffi contrasts with a reclaimed dining table and Hans J Wegner’s CH24, known as the “Wishbone” chair.

Keller 1.jpg.aspx
source: boffi copenhagen
source: simon brown

These beauties are handmade in a small home based ceramics studio located in Portland/Oregon.

black vase abcd
source: shelley martin . vitrifiedstudio.com


Farrow and Ball –
Elephant’s Breath 229
Lamp Room Grey 88
Cornforth White 228
Mole’s Breath 276
Plummett 272
Down Pipe 26

Dulux –
Urban Obsession
Bowler Hat
Deep Fossil
Wishing Well
Chic Shadow
Misty Mountain

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